Friday, March 14, 2014

Asgaard Farm Kids for Sale and Kidding Party

Kidding season is here at Asgaard Farm! 

We have doelings, bucklings, and wethers available. Our breeds include American and French Alpine, American Nubian, American Saanen, and experimental. Our kids are raised under a strict CAE prevention program with pasteurized, whole milk. Kids are vaccinated with BoSe at birth and CDT at 4 and 8 weeks, and doelings and bucklings are disbudded. Contact Stephanie at or 518-647-5754 for more information or to reserve your kids. Let her know that you're a member of the goat club!

We're also having a Kidding Day on Saturday, March 22nd from 10AM to 1PM. Bring the whole family to meet the kids and enjoy spring on the farm! Warm beverages and lunch provided. Email or 518-627-5754 for more information.


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