Friday, June 24, 2011

1st Meeting Wrap Up

Unfortunately due to the glorious weather on Saturday, June 18, not many people showed up to the inaugural goat club meeting. I don't blame them, it was beautiful outside and not a drop of rain in sight. For the few who did show up we had a good time and ate some good food and had a good discussion about all things goat. The raffle was post-poned until a better attending meeting is held. Added to the raffle items were the book "American Farmstead Cheese" and a DIY goat packing saddle kit. These were donated by the attendees.

Another meeting will be scheduled for a later date. I am thinking it should be a dinner meeting so that people don't have to take time out of the middle of their day to come. I will keep you posted! 

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Topic of the Month: NYS Laws and Regulations

For those who are interested in playing by the book, here's a list of some of the New York State dairy and livestock regulations that might effect goat farmers.

Fencing laws -- These are terribly archaic and probably haven't been updated since 1900 but they still hold up in court and apply legally today. This link also has regulations that apply when your animals do property damage on someone else's property and vice-versa.

Dairy regulations regarding the sale of milk and milk products -- These are some complex laws that make it very hard (actually, pretty much impossible) for someone to legally sell raw or pasteurized milk or milk products from their farm.

Of particular interest to goat farmers may be this set of regulations on production, processing, and distribution of milk and milk products.

Here are some specific rules on raw milk sales.

Here's the rules on interstate transfer of goats.

These are the rules for showing goats in the State Fair and County Fairs. I believe these rules also apply to goats that are on public display and exposed to the public (petting zoos, local farmer's markets, etc).

I am looking further into the issue of whether or not goats must be vaccinated for rabies if they are going to be exposed to the public. I have heard people say that it is a law that they must be vaccinated. The problem is that there is currently no vaccine for rabies that is officially approved for usage in goats. There is a sheep vaccine, but most veterinarians won't certify its use in goats because this is an "off-label" usage of this vaccine. It's a catch-22 because if you really do need goats vaccinated, you can't because there isn't a vaccine available. I will report back if I get a good answer from the State Health Department or Ag and Markets. 

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Raffle Items!

I have wonderful raffle items for the ADK Goat Club meeting on Saturday at 12pm:

Hoegger's Goat Supply sent me a complete hoof trimming kit with trimming guide for the raffle. Thank you Hoegger's for your generous donation!

There's a new copy of "Goat Song: A Seasonal Life, A Short History of Herding, and the Art of Cheesemaking" by Brad Kessler. Anyone who loves goats should read this beautiful ode to the dairy goat and small herd farming.

I have two jars of Bully Goat Jelly. This is a delicious sweet spread made from Bully Hill "Love My Goat" wine. It pairs wonderfully with fresh chevre!

There's an assortment of handmade Goat Milk Soaps made by me. The assortment will include one bar of Balsam Forest scent, one bar of Vanilla-Oatmeal scent, and one bar of Citrus Breeze scent.

I may add more raffle items as the time draws near, so come to the meeting to join in the raffle!

All raffle tickets will be $1 or 6 for $5. The proceeds will go towards funding for the club.

There will also be door prizes for lucky club members. Everyone could be a winner!!!!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Meeting Agenda

The agenda for the Adirondack Goat Club meeting on June 18, 2011 is as follows:

12pm - Potluck lunch (please bring  a dish to share)
1pm - Formal introductions for everyone -- a good way to get to know everybody
1:30pm - Business meeting -- updates on future meetings and workshops, raffle and door prize drawings
2pm - Open discussion on goat care basics -- what works for you, what works in this area, what's important for all goat owners to know
3pm - Farm tour

I hope to see everyone there!!!