Monday, November 26, 2012

Sheep and Goat Programs for Clinton, Jefferson, and Franklin County This Week

Clinton County CCE: Peter Hagar, 518-561-7450
Jefferson County CCE
: Ron Kuck, 315-788-8450
St. Lawrence County CCE
: Betsy Hodge, 315-379-9192

NNY Sheep & Goat Care Programs Set for Watertown, Canton, Plattsburgh

The Northern New York Regional Livestock Team of Cornell Cooperative Extension (CCE) will hold Winter Sheep and Goat Care Programs November 27 in Watertown, November 28 in Canton and November 29 in Plattsburgh.

At each program a veterinarian will present good winter health practices and tasks for attention before the weather turns colder, and Cornell Cooperative Extension livestock specialist Betsy Hodge and a local CCE representative will talk about feed inventory and how different winter storage methods impact the amount of feed needed to keep sheep and goats all winter.

Hodge says, “Due to the dry North Country summer, many farmers harvested less feed than usual and the weather changed the quality of the feed. There is very little high quality second-cut hay available. Workshop participants will use worksheets to figure out how on-farm supply stacks up to the need for winter feed.”

The program fee is $5. Winter Sheep and Goat Care Programs will be held:
Tuesday, November 27: CCE Jefferson County office, Watertown, 6:30pm, 315-788-8450
Wednesday, November 28: CCE St. Lawrence County Extension Learning Farm, Canton, 7:00pm, 315-379-9192
Thursday, November 29: CCE Clinton County office, Plattsburgh, 6:30pm, 518-561-7450.

CCE Clinton County Agriculture Educator Peter Hagar says interest in programs for small livestock producers is growing across the region. Ten producers are already registered for the Plattsburgh program.

Cornell Cooperative Extension provides equal program and employment opportunities.

Monday, November 5, 2012

Clinton County Goat/Sheep Meeting

The Clinton County meeting will be held on Thursday, November 29that 6:30 pm

Livestock Educator Betsy Hodge from CCE St. Lawrence will be presenting information on evaluating your feed inventory, choosing the proper supplements and buying hay.   Betsy manages both her own flock of sheep as well as the Cooperative Extension Learning Farm flock.
Dr. Sarah McCarter, a local veterinarian who raises both sheep and goats, will talk about keeping your sheep and goats healthy during the cold winter months. 

Please register in advance by calling the extension office at 561-7450 or email  There is a $5.00 registration fee that includes pizza & beverages.