Friday, March 9, 2012

Johnes Vaccine on the Horizon

 From the Colliers:

Here is another “of interest” link for goat owners. Johnes is a devastating disease to goat owners that we, Janet and I, have dealt with and fought for many years, it is another disease that I think should be addressed at a meeting some time. At this point it is incurable as well as untreatable; not enough research has been done due to budgets constraint, interest, etc, and this article shows some promise of developing a vaccine in the foreseeable future. Many goat producers are never aware that this is a problem in their herd or are really not willing to admit it, if they even do know. Some people think the animal has just died of old age. The word “Johnes” is a naughty word in the goat community. In a cattle herd it is usually a highly devastating disease which shows symptoms quickly and leads to the destruction of the entire herd. In goats, Johnes may lay dormant for up to ten or more years and it may never show clinical signs. Johnes if present in an animal can be triggered by some stressor; like another disease or an injury that may cause a compromised immune system, if diagnosed it is suggested that the herd is also destroyed to eradicate it, other steps must also be taken. In small closed herds it is usually not a problem. Please read this article it is a good one.

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