Friday, February 22, 2013

Common causes of goat ailments

 Here is a quick and dirty list of some of the common causes of goat ailments. This list is not meant to be definitive and there are times where the cause I have listed will NOT be the cause of the problem in your particular goat. I am not a veterinarian nor a veterinarian's representative so please use this list with caution in diagnosis a problem in your goats:

Pink milk or blood in the milk = Calcium deficiency

Horizontal folded ears (Boer or Nubian breeds) = Mineral deficiency

Pot-bellied = Coccidiosis or worms

Bent ankles or weak legs at birth = Selenium deficiency

Dry cough = Lungworms

Itchy tail = Pinworms

Faded fur color= Copper deficiency

Pale eyelid membrane = Internal parasites

Low body temperature = Mineral deficiency

High body temperature = Infection

Sweet smelling urine during late stage pregnancy or at freshening = Ketosis

Pimples on udder = Topical Staph A infection

Pimples on mouth = Orf

Udder congestion or udder edema = CAE

Arthritis in joints = CAE

Abscesses = Caseous lymphadentitis

Good appetite with weight loss = Johnnes disease

Watery eyes in newborn kids = Entropion (curled under eyelid)

Watery diarrhea in newborn kids = Too much milk during feedings

Brown, smelly diarrhea in 3-4 week old kids = Coccidiosis

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