Monday, January 20, 2014

4H Small Ruminant Presentations - Open To the Public!

Fantastic 4H Winter Horse Symposium! January 25, North Star Industries Building, Malone, 9:30-2:00 FREE to 4H members and families. 2 Vets- The Importance of Equine Dental Care and Recognizing an Emergency. 2 Judges/Trainers- Bits:Their History, uses, fitting. 2 Equine Nutritionists- Equine Nutrition and Nutrition for the Senior or "Problem" Horse. Plus many activities for the younger members! Make Your Own Sundaes donated from Stewarts! Open to all surrounding counties and the public. Bring a friend! — with Pat Banker. (Donations accepted from "The Public"...)
4H Small Ruminant (Goat, Alpaca, etc) session at the January 25 Winter Horse Symposium! Free-Small Ruminant Health Care, Feeding and General Care for New Owners to old pros. Rose Bartiss will give two presentations - 1st: Tips for Goat Keeping. 2nd: Breeding, Kidding, and Milking. 9:30-Noon. Message Pat Banker to register. Open to the public and all 4H members and families. Pre-registration required!

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